Duffy lobbied for Sun News Network? News to us.

Tonight, CTV’s Parliamentary Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported that Senator Mike Duffy tried to use his influence on a CRTC decision involving Sun News Network. Fife cited unnamed sources for this allegation.

The application Sun News Network has before the CRTC is pretty important to me and my colleagues.

Here’s what our network’s vice-president Kory Teneycke has to say about what CTV reported tonight:

Senator Duffy does not, nor has he ever, been employed as a lobbyist for Sun News/Sun Media. Nor have we asked Senator Duffy act as an agent on our behalf.

The CRTC process is a quasi judicial process, not a political one.

We believe we have made a very clear, compelling, and public case for Sun News. It is now in the hands of the CRTC Commissioners, who will make their decision.

We appreciate the support we have received from tens of thousands of Canadians who have mailed letters, signed petitions and emailed the CRTC as a part of their public consultation process.