Chrétien endorses former NDP MP now running for Wynne's Liberals in Sudbury

Jean Chretien
Canada’s former Prime Minister Jean Chretien laughs during an interview with Reuters in Ottawa November 15, 2011. Chretien today endorsed the New Democrat who beat one of his former ministers in Sudbury as the Ontario Liberal candidate in a provincial beyelection. (REUTERS/Blair Gable)

Former prime minister Jean Chrétien and his wife Aline today endorsed Glenn Thibeault, running for the Ontario Liberals in the provincial byelection in Sudbury. Thibeault deserted Thomas Mulcair’s NDP caucus to run for Wynne’s Liberals. Chrétien provided the endorsement even though it was Thibeault who knocked off former Chrétien cabinet minister Diane Marleau in the 2008 general election, becoming the first New Democrat to win in Sudbury since 1968.

Meanwhile, the United Steelworkers are running a radio ad in Sudbury, endorsing the NDP and taking direct aim at the “dirty politics” of Thibeault.


Here’s the release from the Ontario Liberals about the Chrétien endorsement:

Sudbury – Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has come out in support of Liberal candidate Glenn Thibeault, endorsing him to be the next MPP of Sudbury.

“I know Glenn Thibeault. I have worked with him. And I have seen him in action. He is my kind of politician: straight-talking, hard-working and he cares about ordinary people. He’s a fighter. We need more people like Glenn in public life,” said Chrétien who severed as Prime Minister for over 10 years. “When he takes that attitude to Queen’s Park, and focuses on provincial issues like health care, education, transportation and infrastructure I have no doubt he will deliver for the people of Sudbury.”

Chrétien went on to stress the need for representation that will be heard by government, “Glenn Thibeault can sit at the table with caucus, talk to the cabinet, the premier and he can fight for his city, they will hear his voice.”

Aline Chrétien, Laurentian University’s first ever chancellor echoed her husband’s sentiments, “I have a deep connection to this community and know its citizens need strong representation. I got to know Glenn through my work with Laurentian. I know Glenn will be the advocate that delivers real results as a voice for Sudbury.” She went on to say that the city needs an MPP who reflects its people, “Sudburians are hardnosed and hardworking, Glenn will bring that attitude down to Toronto and exemplify it with his work here.”

“I am honoured to have the support of Jean and Aline Chrétien in this campaign. They represent a lifetime of commitment and fighting for the kind of small-town values that the people of Sudbury hold dear,” said Glenn Thibeault “And I can promise them what I promise every person I speak to this campaign: I will work tirelessly for Sudbury and be its champion on the issues that matter most.”

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  1. I would hope that the people of Sudbury will vote for anyone but the Liberal candidate if only to reflect their distaste for dirty politics

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