Audio: David McGuinty in his own words: "Go back to Alberta"

David McGuinty
(Chris Roussakis / QMI Agency)

On Tuesday afternoon, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources met to consider “Innovation in the Energy Sector”  (Here are the minutes with the witness list).

Our reporter, Daniel Proussalidis caught up with the Liberal MP on that committee, David McGuinty, after the committee meeting had concluded and asked McGuinty if he had heard anything during the committee “that would reassure you about the way the oil sands are being developed — the innovation or technology that’s being employed?” 

McGuinty said there was some encouraging signs and then observed that it was clear to him the Harper government had decided its handling of the oil sands issue was “all about advertising and TV”.

Proussalidis asked this follow up: “What do you mean by that?” McGuinty then spoke for several minutes, during which he made the comments that his leader, Bob Rae subsequently apologized for on Wednesday. Here’s the 1-minute long excerpt from Proussalidis’ interview with McGuinty.

UPDATE:  Late this afternoon, McGuinty issued the following statement:

“As Member of Parliament for Ottawa South I would like to unreservedly and unequivocally apologize for comments which I made with respect to Parliamentary colleagues from the province of Alberta. My words in no way reflect the views of my party or leader, and I offer my apology to them as well as my colleagues from Alberta.

I hold all Parliamentarians in high esteem, and I regret my choice of words, as I can understand the offence they have caused.

I have offered my resignation as energy and natural resources critic to my leader, and he has accepted. I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents in the House of Commons.”

3 thoughts on “Audio: David McGuinty in his own words: "Go back to Alberta"”

  1. Wow..another idiotic Liberal from the East and the provincial Liberals in BC are wondering why they are doing so poorly…are you listening Christy??
    David take yourself and you brother and GO AWAY!

  2. I am positive that there are reporters at the Parliament Press Gallery that would love to see Conservatives out of there as well.

    The NDP wants to ‘shut down’ the oilsands and Liz May went overseas a while back to criticize the oilsands pollution yet never mentioned China’s nor USA nor any other country’s own pollution that are far far worse than Canada.

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