Your Nova Scotia Cabinet: Bigger must be better

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil leads a cabinet of 16; sworn in today in Annapolis.

The cabinet is:

Stephen McNeil President of the Executive Council; Policy and Priorities; Intergovenrmental Affairs; Aboriginal Affairs; Military Relations
Diana Whalen Deputy President of the Executive Council; Finance
Keith Colwell Agriculture; Fisheries and Acquaculture
Michel Samson Economic and Rural Development and Tourism; Acadian Affairs
Leo Glavine Health and Wellness; Seniors
Karen Casey Education and Early Childhood Development; Youth
Kelly Regan Labour and Advanced Education
Andrew Younger Energy; Communications Nova Scotia
Geoff MacLellan Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Zach Churchill Natural Resources
Randy Delorey Environment; Gaelic Affairs
Tony Ince Communities, Culture and Heritage; African Nova Scotian Affairs
Joanne Bernard Community Services
Lena Diab Attorney General and Justice; Provincial Secretary; Immigration
Labi Kousoulis Publi Service Commission; Information Management; Voluntary Sector
Mark Furey Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

Some notes:


  • 5 Women in cabinet which the government says is tops for any Nova Scotia cabinet.
  • By region: 2 from Annapolis Valley; 2 from the South Shore; 1 from Fundy Northeast; 3 from Central Halifax; 1 from Suburban Halifax; 4 from Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore; 1 from Central Nova; 2 from Cape Breton
  • 6 Rookie MLAs in cabinet: Mark Furey, Lena Diab, Labi Kousoulis; Tony Ince; Joanne Bernard; Randy Delorey;
  • Size of Darrell Dexter’s last cabinet: 14. Size of McNeil’s first cabinet: 16
  • First time in 59 years, cabinet has been sworn in outside Halifax

One thought on “Your Nova Scotia Cabinet: Bigger must be better”

  1. Hello Hon.Geoff MacLellan,Transportation and Infrastructure… I hope that this will reach you. I have understood that we are the top 3 in Nova Scotia for a bad Highway. I live on Highway 203 and it takes me 40 minutes from my home to Shelburne. Our road travelling towards Shelburne is horrible. It needs to be repaired badly plus to handle big transport trucks & loggers that drive up this way. We have a business that runs year round- Trout Point Lodge that many tourists come and visit. I foster children through Mi’maq Family and Children Services of NS. Many of the social workers come up threw that way from Highway 103 joining with Highway 203. The GPS tells everyone that this is the quickest route to our home. I hope that this Highway 203 is considered to be completed and on your agenda for a major project of repairs.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Audra J Owen

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