Game on in Toronto Centre: McQuaig challenges Freeland

It’s game on in Toronto Centre where Liberal Chrystia Freeland (a former Globe and Mail editor) is trying to hold the seat for the Liberals while Linda McQuaig (whose last port of call was The Toronto Star) is trying to steal it for the NDP.

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3 thoughts on “Game on in Toronto Centre: McQuaig challenges Freeland”

  1. It must be hard to be a right-wing Tory-supporting newsperson these days, Mr Akin. If your reporter peers aren’t unprincipled fraudsters like Wallin & Duffy, they are Liberal & NDP candidates. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Akin isn’t that, is he?

      I mean, I’ve always thought he was just a reporter. Obviously not particularly anti-conservative, or he’d not be at Sun News. But not partisan-affiliated, either…

  2. Think the Libs will hold this seat as McQuaig is just not all that likable. She is missing the ‘it” factor you need in politics to help carry you. She may be sincere in her beliefs, but it comes across as hectoring and after a while white noise.

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