The Making of a President (I hope): 2014

Your correspondent’s son, getting on the school bus for his first day of kindergarten, in 2009. Now he’s running for class president!

So my 11-year-old son came home from school today to tell me that he’s running for school president. He goes to a small  school — few hundred students — with kindergarten to grade 6. He’s in grade 6. He tells me that all the senior boys are behind him and no other boys will be running. The girls, however, will be putting forward a girl candidate. He’s worried about that. The girls tend to vote for girls and the boys tend to vote for boys. In my world on Parliament Hill, it’s left vs right, rich vs poor, old vs young but here, at my son’s public school, the key political cleavage is boys v girls.

Mind you, he says he’s got a good friend — a boy —  in grade 3 who he believes will deliver him the grade 3 demographic. I told him I think the grade 3 demographic is key. So that’s good. Continue reading The Making of a President (I hope): 2014