The long, long, long, long rap sheet of the man who shot two Edmonton RCMP

RCMP have identified Shawn Maxwell Rehn, 34, as the deceased suspect who shot two RCMP officers in St. Albert Saturday morning. Rehn, a resident of the greater Edmonton area, was known to police before Saturday’s shooting. (Edmonton Sun)

Shawn Maxwell Rehn (above) is believe to have gunned down two RCMP officers in Edmonton over the weekend. Both were wounded. One is not expected to survive his injuries, the RCMP said Sunday. Rehn is believed to have killed himself after the shootings.

There are now lots of questions — including some from the RCMP — why Rehn was not behind bars given his very, very, very long record of convictions and the very serious nature of the charges he was facing even before the weekend shootings.

My Edmonton-based colleague Joshua Skurnik has just obtained Rehn’s criminal record and a list of the charges that were already outstanding against him.

First, the convictions: Continue reading The long, long, long, long rap sheet of the man who shot two Edmonton RCMP

Paulson to Mounties: "Keep up the good work"

RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson
RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson has sent a morale-boosting message to his Mounties. (JOCELYN MALETTE / AGENCE QMI)

RCMP Commisioner Bob Paulson sent the following by e-mail late last week to the approximately 29,000 uniformed and civilian members of the force he commands:

Keep up the good work – A message from Commissioner Bob Paulson

I wanted to speak to you today about the report on harassment from the Commission for Public Complaints (CPC) against the RCMP and our Action Plan for the Force. Both were released yesterday. However, the report from the Human Rights Watch was also released this week. I want to address this report as it has raised a lot of concerns, particularly among our members in remote policing assignments. Continue reading Paulson to Mounties: "Keep up the good work"

RCMP bodyguard too drunk to guard Mrs. Harper

In the wake of a leaked report that seemed to damn Supt. Bruno Saccomani – the commander of the Prime Minister’s Personal Detail (PMPD) charged with protecting the PM, his wife Laureen and their kids Ben and Rachel —  has provoked a huge pushback from his supporters. Now, we’re learning that, until he took over and stared kicking butt, one officer was too drunk to do her job guarding Mrs. Harper and another wouldn’t put down his pizza to protect the PM. Read on


RCMP commish to provinces: Kill the registry. Now.

In response to concerns that some provincial chief firearms officers were continuing to collect data on firearms, in effect creating a “back-door long-gun registry”, RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson issued this letter today:
RCMP Commissioner Paulson instructions to Chief Firearms Officers