Dairy farmers flex some political muscle

As colleague Jessica Murphy reported, Liberal MP Wayne Easter – a former dairy farmer — sent a sharp letter to leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay pretty much telling her to back off on her call to dismantle the so-called “supply management” system which protects the Canadian dairy industry from foreign competition. (For more on the issue of supply managementand the fight for cheap cheese, see my blog post “The continuing fight for cheap cheese and innovation in agriculture”) Hall Findlay, above, responds to Easter’s argument on my program, Battleground, last night.

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Liberals, household chores and fickle TV program directors

Marc Garneau at Winnipeg leadership event
WINNIPEG – Marc Garneau had what seemed to be the most talked-about remark at the Liberal leadership event on Saturday, Feb. 2 in Winnipeg: He likes to vacuum. (QMI Agency Photo)

About 400 Liberals and their supporters paid $20 each Saturday afternoon to watch a Liberal leadership event in which a failed Liberal candidate (Harvey Locke, last seen coming in a respectable second to Joan Crockatt in a Calgary Centre byelection) read largely the same questions to the nine leadership contestants in separate 11-minute long “interviews.” The biggest revelation after two hours of this was that Marc Garneau enjoys cooking — and frittatas specifically — and he also enjoys vacuuming. Martha Hall Findlay, on the other hand, Continue reading Liberals, household chores and fickle TV program directors