The politics of the price of milk

Given the recent flare-up of the debate over supply management, I wondered what consumers were paying for milk. So I asked my Twitter followers. Here’s some responses, put into Storify form:

6 thoughts on “The politics of the price of milk”

  1. You didn’t mention that the US uses artificial BGH in their dairy products. I don’t know about Singapore, etc., but Canada does not. It’s one reason our milk is more expensive.

  2. There are other factors beyond supply management – i.e. markup/margin , is the product being used as a loss-leader – that factor into pricing decisions. What do farmers see for a litre of milk in various countries?
    What are (cost factors like) industry health standards and regulations protecting the consumer in various countries?
    Killing supply management is desirable in certain industries because it leads to an extreme concentration of wealth (e.g. OPEC & oil). Milk production is not one of those industries.

  3. Aldi’s has a label that speaks to BHG where as prior to this labelling there was a scare but Aldi’s apparently will not acquire milk from a farmer who uses this Monstanto’s BHG

  4. Keep buying your groceries in Buffalo: you save a small fortune. $1.99/gallon-skim (Wegman’s). $229/Lb.of butter; $1.49 sourcream, chip dip, cottage cheese. $1.99 double sized slice cheese, $.95/dz. eggs. Plus all kinds of other things: Noxzema shave cream $2.19, refried beans $.99/tin-salt free, canned corn $.49, navy,red,pinto beans $.69/tin,Portman’s tartar sauce $1.39 (Aldi-Sav-a-lot), Newman’Own salad dressings $1.99, frozen diced green peppers $1.49, Sav-a-lots canned soups $.67, Chili-con-carni with meat +/- beans, $1. Whole chickens,$3.95! Grated parmesan/romano $3.99, 3-bean salad, German potato salad $1.,bananas $.39, Lipton’s Yellow label 100 bag tea $2.99! Ramen 6-pack $.99, steno pads $1.39, Pork ‘n Beans 3 varieties 567 gm.(1 lb.40z.) $.99, grape jelly/cider vinegar $1.89. Supplement Goldenseal Root $12.69 (vs.$29.99 Can.) Look around and take your time and fill up your gas tank and have lunch with your winfall!

  5. Cut the b.s. How much does the farmer get from his load of milk?
    Eg. price per pound,as milk,is not sold in gallons or liters to the dairy, producers.where it makes cheese, butter, cream,and three types of milk and alot of other products. Is this Industry going the same way as the Auto Industry, Canning Factories and other Industies the Government has interferred with. We were lead to believe Vehicles were going to get cheaper with Free Trade this did happen, we just have less Auto Jobs now in Canada. Family Farms can barely make it now this will be the last nail in thier Coffins. For Years the Government has been trying to bring in factory farms now they are just being sly about it.

  6. response to Don: if it would be “the last nail in their coffins”, then fine. Picking and choosing industries to prop up is unfair and wasteful. My wife makes my buy organic, which makes me especially grumpy on this issue, so apologies.

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