MP Bob Dechert explains why Harper is in India

In the House of Commons earlier today, MP Bob Dechert (Mississauga-Erindale) had this to say about Prime Minister Stephen Harper's trip to India:

Mr. Speaker, before the Liberal leader decided to return to Canada to be crowned, the Liberal government pursued an ideological policy of isolation toward India, slapping it with sanctions and marginalizing Canada's influence with India well into this decade.

Our government has been working to repair this long-term damage to our relationship. That is why the Prime Minister is in India this week, rebuilding relationships and deepening our economic ties with an emerging economic power.

I am happy to point out that under our government, Canada-India relations are at an all-time high. Canada's exports to India have more than doubled since our government was elected and exports are still on the rise. We recently expanded our trade network in India to eight offices, making it one of Canada's largest networks worldwide.

When it comes to free and open trade with important allies like India, it is this government that is getting the job done.

One thought on “MP Bob Dechert explains why Harper is in India”

  1. David You forgot to include the Question which this MP was Avoiding with this silly Diatribe. You can do better than that. You could at least offer a little context.
    Everyone knows that Micheal Ignatieff is in favour of Trading with India, and Everyone knows he was not Crowned, the liberal party simply knew that they wanted Him as their leader, and unanimously accepted him.
    Everyone also knows that India has proliferated Nuclear Weapons and has done so by Hijacking and Cloning Canadian designed “Can Do” reactors and that they have been variously held accountable for that by most of the rest of the world. To single out the Liberal Party of Canada among this long list of nations is to say the least misleading and borders on falsehood.
    Craig Oliver seems to think that Harper's best strategy is to spend most of the Winter away from Canada, get by on fluff stories like this one and avoid the House and all the questions that arise there. Must be a bother for our dear Leader to have to Justify himself in the House. Whats the problem anyway, He never actually answers questions.
    Seems like a cowardly approach to me, but at least it is consistent with his “No can Do” approach to climate change both at the UN in NY, where he spent 65000.oo for a 'free donut' and (later) in Copenhagen, where he will unveil his “follow Obama” Campaign.
    Harper is a hapless and dull Leader and Each day I wonder why he is tolerated by Canadians.
    He may be Missing In Action, but never misses an opportunity to excerise his brand of In-action.

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