What was Ethics Commissioner talking about when it comes to Peter MacKay? Read on.

What would you conclude from this exchange today at the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics?

Liberal MP Scott Andrews: Have you looked into recent events between the Minister of Defence (Peter MacKay) and the chair of a public Crown corporation board boing to a luxury fishing lodge for a vacation? Has that been brought to your attention? Have you looked at maybe investigating whether this was a breach of ethics?

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson: I've only see press reports about it.

Andrews: So you yourself wouldn't initiate an investigation as such? It would have have to have been brought to your attention through a requests?

Dawson: And there would have to be reasonable grounds of a specified provision that was contravened. Yes.

Andrews: Well, let me ask you this: Did you see any potential of a minister of the Crown going to a luxury fishing lodge of a member of a Crown Corporation board?

Dawson: Yes. There could be contraventions in those areas.

So what do you think? [You can watch it online here. This exchange comes at 31:43] I, and at least two other reporters, concluded that Dawson had just given poor Peter MacKay another headache, that Dawson believed there was a chance that that trip put him offside with conflict of interest rules.

So I asked Dawson's office to clarify or elaborate what she meant and here's what spokesperson Jocelyne Brisebois sent over:

“There is nothing to elaborate on.  The Commissioner was responding to a hypothetical question.  She has not commented on Minister MacKay's situation.”

I think she did comment on MacKay's situation. You?


One thought on “What was Ethics Commissioner talking about when it comes to Peter MacKay? Read on.”

  1. Looks like the ethics cmtte is going to be real busy for the next few years. That is why I've always preferred a minority gov't. Weather Con or Lib you give a gov't a majority in this country and there is no real accountability, ie John Baird and his gold embossed cards. Fiscal responsibility, I think not.

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