VIDEOS: Hitler and Trudeau react to latest Canadian political situation

I’d start with Hitler. It’s funnier.

But seriously folks:  Just as Conservatives gather in Calgary for that convention, from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

3 thoughts on “VIDEOS: Hitler and Trudeau react to latest Canadian political situation”

    1. Especially the last bit about envying Chretien – so true, Harper always just wanted power, power and more power. He worships the rich.

  1. Video 1:
    “It’s the stupid base, of course.”

    There, in a nutshell, the “progressives” who wrote this parody demonstrate their disdain for people who don’t share their world view. “Progressives” claim to speak for the average Jane & Joe Q Public, but their ingrained arrogance inevitably surfaces, like it did here, just like it did when Robert Fife referred to the conservative base as “knuckle draggers” in a national newscast, and when “progressive” notables emit their cri de guerre of “I want MY Canada back!”

    “Da kommt einem der Kaffee hoch” [courtesy of a list of German idioms on]
    Trans. “the coffee comes back up”, i.e. “It’s enough to make you puke/sick.”

    Video 2.
    No more need be said about Justin Trudeau’s “real priorities” than what was illustrated in your Oct. 22 post Toronto Centre Irony Alert!
    “It is increasingly the case that your job prospects are correlated not with how hard you work, not with how well you did at school, but with the job that your father had,” Toronto Centre Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland tells Justin Trudeau.

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