2 thoughts on “Tory base to PM: Man-up!”

  1. Tory base said to the PM to “man-up”?

    More likely a headline stolen from a discontented MP who decided to leave the Tory fold because his private member’s bill was not passed the way he wanted it to pass. You know who I mean.

    And then there’s your story about another discontented “grassroots Tory”, who apparently stopped supporting the Conservative Party with her donations. One disaffected ‘grassrooter’ does not the entire base make!

    I’m disappointed, Mr. Akin. You’re usually much more original than that. You don’t need to borrow someone else’s headline.

  2. There have been no Liberal “shenanigans” holding things up in the Senate.

    As usual, the mess has been prolonged by Tory incompetence. They thought they could rail this through easily & put the motions as member motions rather than government motions. As such, when things took too long to be resolved, they tried to call closure, found out it could only be done on a government motion & then had to withdraw the original motions & reintroduce their effort as a government motion.

    So, first they underestimated their Senate membership &, secondly, they sloppily put their motions forward in the wrong fashion for closure. Only the Tories are to blame for the mishandling of this issue!!!!!!

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