Ranking provinces by their tax snitches

I’ll have more on this in tomorrow’s papers, but here’s a fun little chart based on some data obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency for QMI Agency by researcher Ken Rubin. Every year, Revenue Canada gets about 25,000 tips on tax cheats through its National Informant Leads program. The data we got has the leads from snitches broken down by province.

So here’s the breakdown of which province has the highest rate and lowest rate of reporting on tax cheats. The second column — 2010 leads — list that actual number of tips that came in to Revenue Canada from the corresponding jurisdiction during the 2009-2010. The third column then lists the “snitch rate”, the number of tippers for every 10,000 people who live in that jurisdiction. “Friendly Manitoba” had 34 snitches for every 10,000 people in that province.

Jurisdiction 2010 Leads Leads/10,000 pop.
Manitoba 4,202 33.6
New Brunswick 1,656 21.9
British Columbia 4,458 9.7
Ontario 11,424 8.5
Prince Edward Island 121 8.3
Canada 25,544 7.4
Quebec 3,546 4.4
Saskatchewan 31 0.3
Newfoundland and Labrador 14 0.3
Alberta 91 0.2
Nova Scotia 1 0.0
Yukon 0 0.0
Northwest Territories 0 0.0
Nunavut 0 0.0

This story has also provoked an interesting discussion about the use of the word “snitch” in this case.

One thought on “Ranking provinces by their tax snitches”

  1. Canada’s one big buffet and it’s not the ones not paying/not-paying taxes that are stealing.

    It is those who year-after-year vote to spend $4-million on a $1-million bridge that are stealing while everyone with lots that can afford to pay taxes are avoiding them by putting them into RRSPs so the Gov’t has to go and borrow more money, adding to the interest we pay with our taxes.

    I know it’s called Keynesian economics but people forget Keynes was a prominent eugenicist who believed that we could also remove (over time) those who didn’t pay their fair share. We’re using half of the theory and the world is a mess as a result (though, I admit, it did result in economic growth through tough times).

    30% of your taxes go to paying interest on stuff a lot of middle class asked for and no one really needs and if they do they can pay for it themselves.

    Do we really need to redistribute and borrow so the middle class can have stupid luxuries? I don’t see poverty numbers dropping. Parkdale in Toronto is very poor while we spend tax dollars on fancy galleries and crap.

    So basically you have a bunch of freeloading snitching middle class who want their boutique services such as arenas for their little retard hockey players while the poor get screwed and those that can’t avoid with RRSPs are taxed to death at present.

    In the future, taxes for those tapping their RRSPs down the road are going to have to skyrocket to pay for the interest that’s being accumulated now while they temporarily dodge.

    All we can hope is to have enough immigrants (a whole other story) to pay taxes when my demographic “retires” in 30+ (and going up) years…

    Why am I being driven to poverty by taxes, essentially being told that I don’t have a right to a family because my income is confiscated, but I have to pay for all the other families out there…

    World’s going to Hell in a handbasket.

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