Pop Star to Liberals: Do as I say (please) not as I do

Juno Award-winner Chantal Kreviazuk prior to her May 23, 2013 appearance at Lindsay’s Academy Theatre. (LISA GERVAIS/The Lindsay Post)

All federal parties are in a mad push these final few days of the year to boost their fundraising numbers before the quarter ends. So far, the only pitch I’ve seen to use a “celebrity” came, today, from the Liberals, over the signature of  “Chantal Kreviazuk, Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter” (whose music I quite admire, I must say). Kreviazuk says she supports Trudeau and while she does not say “join me in making a donation”, you will see (below) that there is a pitch from the party for cash is between her endorsement and her signature. Thing is, I can find no record in Elections Canada’s database of any donation by any Kreviazuk in Canada to any Liberal anywhere. More here ..

First, read the pitch from Chantal:

Hi David Its Chantal

But let’s take a quick visit to the Elections Canada political finance database to see if anyone with that last name “Kreviazuk” — perhaps with the first name, Chantal? — has ever donated to the Liberal Party. Anything? Nope. Since 2004, Elections Canada has donations on record from just two people with the last name “Kreviazuk”.  That would be Deb and Sam Kreviazuk who share a postal code in Gonor, Manitoba. And they both gave only to the Conservatives. There is no record of any Kreviazuk giving money to the Liberals since 2004.

Perhaps Chantal is donating under another name? If not, there’s still a good 24 hours+ left in the current year to get her name on Liberal donors list!

3 thoughts on “Pop Star to Liberals: Do as I say (please) not as I do”

  1. You probably should mention that she wouldn’t show in the Elections Canada database if she donated $200 or less or if she donated after the end of the last quarter.

    In a similar vein, I could find no contributions from Barrie MP Patrick Brown to the Ontario PC riding association in Barrie in Elections Ontario’s database. Looks a bit hypocritical now that he’s going around the province asking people to give to the PC Party in the name of his leadership bid. (Only donors who give over $100 are listed.)

    (Memo to Elections Ontario: Please post the 2013 information in HTML format, not the .mht format that can only be read with Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

  2. You’re reaching, Mr. Akin. When someone says they support one party or another, it doesn’t always mean financially. They could mean that they support the philosophy, mind-set and policies of the party.

  3. Only a civil servants have an interest in attempting to legitimize this scandalous party. They’ve stolen enough from Canadians.

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