Justin Trudeau: Senate is Quebec's secret weapon!

Justin Trudeau

As Thomas Mulcair and the federal NDP began their “Abolish the Senate” campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau argues to keep the Senate the way it is, after all, with all those senators from Quebec’s,  it’s all good for Quebec!

Justin Trudeau s’est dit convaincu que la solution réside dans l’amélioration du Sénat, dont la présence profite largement au Québec à son avis. « De voir la réaction des francophones hors Québec et surtout des Québécois qui comprennent à un certain niveau que c’est le poids du Sénat qui assure… », a-t-il avancé, sans terminer sa phrase. « On a 24 sénateurs au Québec et il y en a juste six d’Alberta et de Colombie-Britannique, ça nous avantage. De vouloir l’abolir, c’est de la démagogie. Il va falloir l’améliorer. »

via Justin Trudeau: on n’ouvre pas la Constitution sans consulter les provinces | Marie-Michèle Sioui | Politique canadienne.

A lot of people thought it might be Mulcair who would engage in the heavy pandering to Quebec — Mulcair, after all, has a pile of MPs from Quebec — but Trudeau is building up a nice little “Quebec first, the West last” file …

Remember: Trudeau would rather have Quebecers than Albertans in charge

And Liberal MP David McGuinty’s remarks – “Go back to Alberta”?

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5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau: Senate is Quebec's secret weapon!”

  1. He is clearly unsuited to be a leader of a national party, never mind a potential PM. With that statement, he could (and should) defect to the BQ and run as their caucus leader.

  2. I believe that Justin Trudeau is on the right track to preserve the Senate especially with such a great representation on a regional basis. Go for it Justin you have my support on this.

  3. Could this guy be any more of a nitwit? Harper doesn’t need to win an election. He just needs to sit back and watch JT hang himself with his mouth. He finally said it though in more ways than one. Quebecers are better than us AND keep the senate for Quebec. Justin Trudeau like his father is a Quebecer and not a Canadian. His plan? I think it is pretty easy to figure out.

    1. With respect, Jim, a lot of “pur laine quebecois” and sovereigntists loathed Trudeau senior because he consistently opposed special status and Quebec first for that province. You may not like this, nor agree with it, but nobody who knows anything about modern Canadian constitutional history can refute it. Why do you think he fought so ardently against both Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords?

      1. “Why do you think he fought so ardently against both Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords?”

        From the May 27 2013 edmontonjournal.com op-ed by Bob Plamondon titled Constitution wars: the sequels:
        “Francis Fox, who had held a senior role in a Trudeau cabinet, was asked why his former boss was actively undermining Meech Lake. It was simple: “He couldn’t stand to see Brian Mulroney succeed where he [Trudeau] had failed.”

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