Conservative radio attack ads target Justin Trudeau

In markets across the country this fall, the Conservative Party of Canada has been airing radio ads that attack Justin Trudeau. The one above attacks him on his experience. There is also this ad more attacking him for his plan to legalize and regulate marijuana.


In the meantime, Ottawa political journalists would be grateful if you would help us spot these political ads in the wild. You’ll need to use Twitter to do so under the hashtag #SawAnAd. Tweet out a few details about the ad but be sure to note time, station and program you heard or saw the ad.

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6 thoughts on “Conservative radio attack ads target Justin Trudeau”

  1. I wonder if Harper has considered how many parents and grandparents of these kids he’s supposedly worried about – are smoking pot? Legalizing would probably be welcomed.

    Harper is out to lunch and out of touch.

  2. In the end it will back fire. A gov’t that wants us to believe that it needs the legal right to spy on citizens in an effort to prevent terrorist child molesters from extorting young women… (breath) Wants s to believe that the “Shine Pony’s” stance on pot is a greater threat to our nation than the long term corruption of our democracy.

  3. They must be scared of something. There’s not even an election going on and all they can talk about is Justin Trudeau.

  4. The Anti pot ad was made by a woman with no children who is in fact 420 friendly. And let`s get the fact`s right in the add who says legal pot sales will make it easy for ids to get pot. And I don`t think Trudeau promotes the use of recreational drugs either. just think he sees the benefits of legalising pot over the deterents.

  5. I’m so frustrated by these smear ads. I’m not political, and I have no stance on the legalization of marijuana, but the “facts” are so wrong here! Legal pot will be *harder* for kids to get… Pot can be found in practically every public school in our country. It is not regulated in our school’s washrooms. Furthermore, if pot is made available “just like cigarettes and alcohol” that will tell children not that recreational drug use is okay, but that recreational drug use of all kinds should be regulated — tobacco and alcohol and pot are all drugs!

    Every time I hear the ad on the radio, I get pretty worked up. I hope these false scare tactics don’t work on Canada’s public. The ad makes me want to sign up to be on Trudeau’s team– and I don’t even know what he stands for!

  6. If pot is legalized, it will be taxed up the …. For that reason, it will continue to be sold in the black market. No gain for anyone. I have smoked pot and I can tell you that if you are driving a vehicle or just walking down the street, you are more out of it than a few beers.

    Trudeau is the Liberal’s and the Liberal Media’s last chance to become possibly the opposition party. If I were Mr Harper, I would let the leftists split the vote amongst themselves and come back with a majority. Don’t even mention the other leftist group, the greens. The only Green that makes any sense is Red Green.

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