Cons, Libs, NDP — all tied up

Abacus Data graph


The results in the charts above were published by Abacus Data from a poll done Aug 30-Sept 4. It was an online survey of 1,600. More info on the methodology and for full tables is available here.

Last night, Ipsos Reid published the results of poll it did from Sept. 18-Sept. 20. It, too, was an online survey . There 1,035 in this panel.

Ipsos Reid Graph


Two pollsters. Difference of nearly three weeks. Roughly the same top-line number for committed/decided voters: CPC 30/32 | LPC 29/31 | NDP 27/26 .

But who’s listening to pollsters these days?



2 thoughts on “Cons, Libs, NDP — all tied up”

  1. It should come as no surprise to pollsters that Canadians have finally {perhaps} realized that at a fundamental level, Canadian “government” is actually a pseudonym for “corporate protectionism. It no longer surprises Canadians that their Prime Minister and Provincial Premiers will suspend “government” {prorogue legislatures} when the paucity of sense and sound judgement is exposed through million dollar mismanagement and rampant self-interest put before the good of Canadians and this country. Until there is seen to be real consequences for malfeasance that places party interests and corporate interests ahead of the good of the electorate nothing will change. It’s all tied up because everyone knows that regardless of political party…they are all the same.

  2. Good point Michael Barnhart, nothing says “corporate protectionism” and “placing corporate interests ahead of the good of the electorate” like the federal NDP. Because “everyone knows” that regardless of political party, they are all the same.

    Alternatively, in a reality-based world, while all parties have their flaws and problems, on average the Conservatives and Liberals tend to be more supportive of government polices that support big business interests and the NDP tend to focus on the environment and working people.

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