Changes this summer at PMO, CBC, Globe and Mail, Canadian Press

I've been rather taken aback at the number of personnel changes this summer at some institutions here in Ottawa that, for better or for worse (or precisely, whether you want them to or not) play a relatively influential role in the nation's affairs or among journalists in Ottawa or both!

The most important, of course, are changes in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), the coterie of political staff that helps Harper make the decisions he will make on everything from election timing to Afghanistan.

But here's a quick summary of scorecard changes as the fall approaches:


  • Guy Giorno remains chief of staff.
  • Departing: Jenni Byrne (going to the party as director of political ops), Mark Cameron, Kory Teneycke, Patrick Muttart, Carolyn Stewart-Olsen
  • New jobs: Jasmine Igneski (Issues Management); Andrew Wallace (Stakeholder Management)
  • Arriving: John Williamson (Communications)


  • Departing: Chief political correspondent Keith Boag (heads to L.A.), Parliamentary Reporter Susan Bonner (heads to Washington), Don Newman (retired)
  • Arriving: Terry Milewski, Evan Solomon


  • Departing: Ottawa Bureau Chief Brian Laghi (heading to Roundtable on Energy, Environment and the Economy as director of comms and public affairs); Heather Scoffield (moves to Canadian Press)
  • Arriving: John Ibbitson moves from Washington Globe bureau to become bureau chief.


  • Departing: Jim Brown (retired), Alexander Panetta (moves to CP Montreal), Sue Bailey (moves to CP Newfoundland)
  • Arriving: Heather Scoffield

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  1. that's exciting stuff!!!
    i'm going to go an smother myself with a pillow now, as i can't believe i just spent even 15 seconds reading that.

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