Nothing But Flowers: Goldkind's Green Gardiner

Green-Ribbon-Aerial View


Toronto Mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind doesn’t show up in any of the polls — such as this one, released today showing John Tory in the lead with 37%, Doug Ford in second at 30% and Olivia Chow back at 21% — but Goldkind, who is a criminal lawyer most of the time, is taking the campaign seriously and offering up some interesting ideas. His latest? Turn the Gardiner Expressway that runs east-to-west through Toronto’s downtown into a green space.



These artists’ conceptions of what a “Green Gardiner” would look like were released today by the Goldkind campaign. “This is both a solution to a long-standing problem, and an opportunity for Toronto to leap to the forefront of the world’s green and socially proactive cities,” Goldkind said in a statement that accompanied the released of the pictures.. “It’s a bold step away from the trudging indecision that has plagued this roadway for decades.”

Img St view OP_1

Estimated cost the creation of this “Green Ribbon” — $800-million. And while that sure sounds steep, Goldkind says that’s still a lot cheaper than the estimated $1.8 billion to tear down the Gardiner and build a replacement.

“It makes sense financially, it makes sense architecturally, it makes sense culturally, and above all, it’s the type of thing Toronto should be doing,” Goldkind said. “We are more than just a city. We are a great city, and a large achievement like the Green Ribbon is something of which every Torontonian could be proud.”

The Talking Heads would be shocked! “Highways and cars were sacrificed for agriculture! Once there were parking lots. Now it’s a peaceful oasis!”

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