Harper: "Could well see Russia exit the G8 entirely"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Toronto Monday where he spoke at  mining conference. Before getting into issues of natural resources, though, Harper spoke about the situation in the Ukraine. The video, above, was photographed and distributed by employees of the prime minister. The PMO also produced the transcript below:

“The situation in Ukraine remains extremely serious for global peace and security.

“Canada and its G-7 partners have spoken with one voice in condemning President Putin’s military intervention in Ukraine.

“We call once again on President Putin to immediately withdraw his military.

“President Putin’s actions have put his country on a course of diplomatic and economic isolation that could well see Russia exit the G-8 entirely.

“Canada has suspended our engagement in preparations for the G-8 Summit planned in Sochi.

“We have also recalled our Ambassador to Russia, cancelled any Government representation at the Paralympic Games, and I’ve instructed officials to review all planned bilateral interaction with Russia.

“I would also note the resolution put before Parliament today and encourage its immediate passage by all political parties.

“We will continue to work closely with our G-7 partners and our allies.

“I’ve also spoken today with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and I’ve said the following to the people of Ukraine on behalf of Canadians: Canada pledges ongoing friendship and steadfast support for your efforts to defend your sovereignty, and to restore economic and political stability.”

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