By phone, Harper and Netanyahu speak about the Hamas rocket attacks

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel earlier this year. (DAVID AKIN/QMI)

Earlier today, Canada’s Prime MInister Stephen Harper spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Here is the ‘read-out’ from the Harper’s office:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel today.

The leaders discussed the ongoing rocket attacks by Hamas and Israel’s efforts to halt them, including the Israeli Defense Forces’ steps on the ground aimed at uncovering and destroying the tunnels used by Hamas terrorists to carry out their attacks on Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated his desire for a ceasefire but said Israel will continue to defend against rocket attacks as long as they persist.

The leaders discussed the need to make every effort to minimize civilian casualties.

Prime Minister Harper confirmed Canada remains steadfastly in support of Israel’s right to defend itself as long as the terrorist attacks by Hamas continue.

The leaders committed to remaining in touch as the situation continues to evolve.



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