The pro-Keystone push begins


First there was the big news:

And within minutes the Conservative Party of Canada unveiled the ad above and various politicians took to social media to sell it.

3 thoughts on “The pro-Keystone push begins”

  1. I see Keystone going nowhere ,and that is a good thing ,because doing more buisiness with our natural resouress is no good ,because China is still a communist country with sides North Korea. Good for the USA for seeing that.

  2. Clearly not yet. Too much opposition. too many environmental groups, legal loopholes, and mainstream opposition. Perhaps it will be reviewed again in 18 months or so when we have a competent Prime Minister. I guarantee Harper will not get his pipeline.

  3. Keystone is a strong piece of our economy. It does not pose the end-of-the-world environmental problems that are touted by the ill-informed, the ignorant and the attention-seekers.
    If you do not want oil, stop driving your cars. Stop expecting trucks to deliver produce to grocery stores. Go back to living in a pre-industrial society and stop whining about non-extant skies falling.

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