Trudeau on the economy. Economists on Trudeau

The video here was released today by the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s just over 7 minutes an in it, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau uses charts and figures to present his diagnosis of what’s wrong with Canada’s economy.

Laval University economist Stephen Gordon watched it and had these thoughts:

Andrew Leach is an energy and environmental economist at the University of Alberta:

Kevin Milligan is an economist at the University of British Columbia:

And here’s Western University economist Mike Moffatt:

3 thoughts on “Trudeau on the economy. Economists on Trudeau”

  1. Nice video. Subtle digs on the conservatives. Some mild half truths mixed with truths (well with-in acceptable politcal ethical bounaries), nice self promotion but still pretty lean on an actual plan…

  2. At the 3:35 mark he talks about the debt held by the previous generation compared to today. He completely ignores the level of taxation. Maybe if our percentage of income taken in taxes wasn’t so high, we won’t be inclined to carry such a debt load. He then goes on to talk about the gov’t. ‘investing’ in the economy i.e. spend even more thus necessitating taxing more, thus crippling the middle class even more.
    Try ‘investing’ less, pare down the social and business ‘investment’ programs and all their attendant bureaucracies giving room to lower our taxes and then the middle class would have more wiggle room.

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