Trudeau on the economy. Economists on Trudeau

The video here was released today by the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s just over 7 minutes an in it, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau uses charts and figures to present his diagnosis of what’s wrong with Canada’s economy.

Laval University economist Stephen Gordon watched it and had these thoughts: Continue reading Trudeau on the economy. Economists on Trudeau

The good news and bad news about federal Liberal fundraising

The federal Liberals are circulating the following to their membership.  The leader Justin Trudeau says the lastest fundraising numbers have some good news and bad news:

The Conservatives just posted their 2nd quarter fundraising numbers – and despite one of our strongest showings ever, we got out-raised by nearly $2-million.Take a look and see for yourself:

NDP Liberals Conservatives
Amount Fundraised: $1.37M $2.99M $4.88M
No. of Contributors: 18,846  38,014  30,437

That means that between April and June, every minute of every day a Conservative supporter donated 37 dollars and 27 cents. In the 10 seconds it’s taken you to read this, Conservatives donated $5 more – the same amount you could give right now to even the playing field.

But while the Conservatives out-raised us last quarter, we’ve got one number on our side – 38,014. That’s how many Canadians donated to be part of the change, and it’s 7,577 more than gave to the Conservatives.

This is exactly the spirit of the movement we’re building together – thousands on thousands of Canadians, each pitching in what they can, working together to build a better Canada through hope and hard work.

The Conservatives aren’t letting up. Neither can we. And I can’t do this without you.

Please donate now to help us keep up the momentum – and keep working harder:

Thank you for being part of the change.



Convention attendance: Liberals show lots of life

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale said on Twitter that 3,300 people had registered for the LIberal Party of Canada’s biennial convention being held this weekend in Ottawa. For a party that has people writing its obituary, that’s a very good turnout. In fact that easily leads the turnout at political conventions held since the election on May 2, 2011. Continue reading Convention attendance: Liberals show lots of life