Hi, I'm Adrian Dix and I'm not the scary guy my opponents would have you believe

The B.C. NDP have responded (above) to some negative ads put up by a right-leaning group known as the Concerned Citizens for B.C. as well as other ads put out in the last week by the B.C. Liberals. From the B.C. NDP press release:

“… the BC Liberals are spending tens of millions of dollars on taxpayer-financed partisan ads, at the same time as a group led by the Premier’s former advisor Jim Shepard is bankrolling a campaign of personal attacks against Dix.

Last week, Dix announced the NDP would introduce tough new legislation that will ban taxpayer-funded partisan advertising by government.

“The BC Liberals are exclusively focussed on political strategies designed to help them hold on to power, instead of working on the priorities of British Columbians,” said [Carole] James [co-chair of the BC NDP’s election platform committee.]. “We can do better. It’s time for a government that will take practical steps to improve education and skills training, expand opportunity for all, and ensure a sustainable future.”

The B.C. NPD says this TV ad will debut Monday. If you see one, can you tweet about it? Use the hashtag #SawAnAd and mention what channel, time and program you were watching. In fact, use #SawAnAd also for those BC Liberal ads and any CC4BC ads you see or hear on the radio.

Spotting and reporting these political ads in the wild will help journalists and voters get a better sense of which parts of the province each party is targeting and, by letting us know what kinds of programs they advertise with, we’ll also get a good idea of what kind of voter each ad is aimed at.

4 thoughts on “Hi, I'm Adrian Dix and I'm not the scary guy my opponents would have you believe”

  1. It’s also time for political parties to utter more than platitudes in their ads.

    In this BC NDP ad, the nice music, pretty backgrounds and a smiling Adrian Dix tell voters nothing about his party’s policy.

  2. I didn’t mind it. Platitudes, yes, but the election has yet to be called and platforms yet to be developed. I really like the firm statement that the younger generation in BC risks a worse standard of living than the older ones. Didn’t see the reference to “personal attacks” by the BC Libs as a “personal attack”. It is a fact that they made a website dedicated solely to attacking him and it’s appropriate to mention it.

    In their next release, I want to see something other than just “we’re investing in…” and some real talk about eliminating the deficit and reducing the debt.

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