BC Liberals issue press release telling Clark to step down

Vikram Bajway, B.C. Liberal
B.C. Liberal Party member Vikram Bajwa (Handout photo)

Any Parliamentary Press Gallery journalist who has been around for a few years can tell you that federal Liberals can be a vicious bunch although they usually prefer sticking the knives into their opponents under the cloak of anonymity — the “senior Liberal source” you’ve no doubt read a lot about.

It’s refreshing then to see that, in B.C. politics, those who would stick the knives into members of their own party are not only not anonymous, they actually issue press releases with photos!

BC Premier Christy Clark-Resign, Scrap Times of India (TOIFA) Awards

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – March 3, 2013) – “Liberal Party members, especially with ethnic background namely (Indo-Canadian-S. Asians) had a breakfast meeting here in Surrey and agreed to ask Premier Christy Clark to resign today, for making the “Ethnic Vote” a joke in B.C., by spending taxpayers’ money on Times Of India Awards, which has no relevance in B.C. economy, culture or adaptation.

Vikram Bajwa, member of B.C. Liberal Party, minced no words as to the discrimination which will follow, past these Awards for Indo-Canadians, as majority of B.C. taxpayers are against such “wasteful money spending”, by B.C. Govt.

Sunny Johar another Liberal member requested the BC Liberal Caucus to ask the Premier to resign, immediately if they wish to survive in May voting.

Dilawar Thind, asked the members, to advise the Party to respectfully engage the “Ethnic Vote”, not make a Joke of our Value of “Vote”.

They also praised the resignation of EX-MLA Ms. Brenda Locke, who had the courage to stand against the Premier, for her selection of all 6 Candidates from Surrey.

One line declamation was passed by 89 members. BC Premier Should resign-Scrap Times of India (TOIFA) Awards, slated for April 2013., here in Vancouver.”

Sarah Gill

Meanwhile, Adrian Dix will sleep tonight about as well as an 8-year-old does on Christmas Eve.

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