NDP Launches Quebec anti-Conservative campaign

NDP AD: Notre Région Abandonnée

Colleague Dominique LaHaye reports on a new anti-Conservative campaign the NDP is launching tomorrow in Quebec that cleverly turns some Conservative campaign literature back on the Tories …

Le NPD lancera dimanche une campagne contre le gouvernement Harper au Québec, dans laquelle il tournera en dérision le slogan «Notre région au pouvoir» mis de l’avant par les conservateurs lors des élections fédérales de 2011.

via Campagne publicitaire anti-conservateurs | Politique | Actualité | Le Journal de Montréal.

You can contrast the look and feel of the NDP anti-Conservative campaign with the look and feel of the “Notre Région Au Pouvoir” signage in this picture of the Harpers campaigning in the Eastern Townships in Quebec in April, 2011. (STEVENS LEBLANC/JOURNAL DE QUEBEC)

Harpers campaign in Quebec April 2011

7 thoughts on “NDP Launches Quebec anti-Conservative campaign”

  1. From the Journal de Montréal article, where Thomas Mulcair is quoted saying:
    «Ceux qui veulent retourner pour les chicanes du passé, on va les laisser faire, mais ça ne veut pas dire que je vais laisser M. Patry oublier ce qu’il a déjà dit contre le Bloc. Je me permettrai de le lui rappeler assez souvent», a avisé le chef néo-démocrate.”
    Loose translation:
    “We’re going to let those who want to go back to old quarrels be, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow M. Patry to forget what he has said against the Bloc. I’ll be reminding him about it quite often.”

    Kind of strange … isn’t it the NDP’s so-called “Unity Bill” http://www2.macleans.ca/tag/unity-bill/ which brings up “old quarrels”?

  2. Ah – a cunning attack on the Conservatives right in their stronghold of… Quebec.

    Hard to characterize this as an attack ad against Conservatives when it’s really about shoring up the NDP’s cred as the official opposition of choice.

  3. But Quebec abandoned the Conservatives and joined Jack’s NDP l’Orange Crushez; Quebec abandoned Harper first, and now Mulcair is bemoaning the fact?

    If Quebec wants to have «Notre région au pouvoir», they had better vote Conservative … otherwise no poutine for you …!!!

    p.s. I hope the NPD in Quebec will launch attack ads against new Liberal leader Justin Trudeau too… otherwise it will smell of a coming unholy merger matrimony… for which this ad is intended… ya think?!

  4. Isn’t it funny how when the Conservatives run truth ads they are referred to as “ATTACK ADS” in the mainstream media, and when the NDP or Liberals launch their own attack ads they are simply referred to as “anti-conservative ads”.

    The shear hypocrisy is galling. The MSM is the problem.

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