6 thoughts on “B.C.'s Clark pitches for women: Will it work?”

  1. Not using your son as a political prop might help you win over women. Also, none of us run our homes the way you and your party has been running government. You don’t sell the furniture to pay for groceries and you don’t give away assets. Also, you save for a rainy day. You have done none of those things. P.S. Also, could you drop the wink, grin and jiggle? I find it offensive.

  2. Very cynical to think the voters will fall for slogans and empty platitudes. There is a huge issue of accountability for some very serious issues that this government pretends not to exist. It almost seems like the communications people are working for the opposition!

  3. Vapid, narcissistic, opportunist…the BIG three issues that intelligent, politically astute women voters have with this pre-packaged Corporate Kewpie Doll…

  4. I think it’s part of a strategy to shift the media focus away from her and her party’s atrocious record and onto something positive or at worst neutral hence her motherhood getup; kind of like the manufactured debate about her display of cleavage in the Legislature – much better for the BCLibs to have media/public focus on image questions instead of on substantive scandals like BCRail, HST, IPPs, Hydro meters, Auditor General critiques, NDP accusations, financial challenges, bad investments, graft and corruption, boondoggles in the courts and bureaucracy etc etc etc

  5. Barf!!!! I really find this kind of stuff offensive. It reminds me of the first Clark (Glen) standing behind a podium that said “I’m on your side”. So…what about the rest of society? They’re not connected? and what the blazes does that mean anyway? She is so obtuse, I cannot believe that she is \premier..unelected though she is.

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