VIDEO: BC's Christy Clark on pipeline politics and balanced budgets

In this video, I ask BC Premier Christy Clark (running for re-election right now):

  • What was your goal going into today’s radio debate?
  • You gave it NDP Leader Adrian Dix pretty good over his flip-flop on the kinder-morgan pipeline — this is the pipeline that already exists bringing oil from Alberta to Vancouver and which Kinder Morgan wants to expand. But while Dix may be flip-flopping, you know there’s a lot of people in the rest of the country who are saying, well, Premier Christy Clark is not necessarily in favour of it either unless the rest of the Canada pays BC off — in other words, some accuse you of trying to shake down the rest of the country if we want to use BC’s ports.
  • If Premier Redford in Alberta, Premier Wall in Saskatchewa or Premier Wynne in Ontario — said they were going to put a toll on logging exports from BC or minerals from BC., how would you react to that?
  • A poll of British Columbians found 72 per cent just don’t believe you when you say the budget is going to balanced this year. how do you overcome that disbelief among voters?
  • It seems to me the BC Liberals sure would like it if some of those those who are thinking about voting for John Cummins and the BC Conservatives would come back to the BC Liberal Party — like John Martyn, your candidate in Chilliwack — what’s your message for those voters?
  • Your compaign is focused on “debt-free bc”? Is that really the one that can give you momentum to put you past the BC NDP?



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