Town Hall moments Obama and Romney would like to forget

Tonight’s presidential debate is a “Town Hall”-style format in which everyday voters, not journalists or politicians, will put the questions to President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The interlocutors are all pre-screened and the debate moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, has selected the questions but still, these will be real, live and apparently undecided voters quizzing the candidates.

This presents a bit of a risk for any politicians. You never what the “real voter” will say and you never what the politicians might say. Here’s two moments from previous town-hall-style debates that both candidates hope they don’t repeat.

Obama: “Tired of defending you”

From a CNBC Economic Town Hall in 2010, Obama rambles awkwardly for 4 minutes after an African-American woman complains she is tired of “defending” him:

Obama Backers Tired Of Defending Him by GWHH19

Romney: “Corporations are People”

During the primaries, Romney gets heckled at the Iowa State Fair …

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