So who won that GOP debate? Take our poll

The pundits think Rick Santorum missed his chance and that Mitt Romney looked best at the Arizona Republican Primary Presidential debate. It’s the last debate before Super Tuesday and the primaries in Arizona and Michigan. Did you watch the debate? Who do you think won? Vote in the poll and, in the comment section here, tell us why you voted the way you did.

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4 thoughts on “So who won that GOP debate? Take our poll”

  1. I watched only part of it, but from the audience reaction at certain points, I’m not so sure Santorum won. There were boos when he talked about how he had voted for some earmarks and Mitt Romney got only mild applause at other points. The strongest audience reaction seemed to be for Ron Paul, whose hands-off policy on everything strikes me as weird. Why does he want to head government if he doesn’t believe in it? Just so there can be some plaques saying “Ron Paul slept here”?

    I’m hoping for Romney.

    BTW, what a difference between these debates and our debates during elections … no one interrupts the person who has the floor. If someone wants to rebut he signals the moderator and gets to speak next. What a contrast to our debates, especially the one in 2008 conducted at the round table, with finger-wagger Elizabeth May sitting next to the PM.

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