New wi-fi router hack to control Web ads

Noticed this online at Mother Jones. It’s about a new app and wi-fi router hack that, in this instance, was developed for political junkies who want to see more political ads in the U.S. But…

…the program packs a bigger punch when installed on public routers: Komissarouk is pitching the tool to coffee shops and other spaces with open internet connections. Its Obama or nothing at Philadelphias Trolley Car Diner, a 1950s-style eatery that owner Ken Weinstein said “Obamified” its free WiFi yesterday.”Were in a very liberal community,” Weinstein said. “Our choice to Obamify reflects our clientele.”

Read the rest at: Want More Campaign Ads? Theres an App for That | Mother Jones.

This, I think, has some bigger implications than just its application here in Romney vs Obama and could affect the business my company is in, i.e. selling advertising space in the margins around this blog.

If you were Starbucks, for example, you could conceivably sell Web ads of your own by configuring the Starbucks wi-fi routers across the chain, blocking all other Web ads and inserting the Web ad for which Starbucks is receiving revenue.

Or, if you were McDonald’s, you could configure all of your chain’s routers to block ads from, say, Burger King.


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