Google goes north — waaay north

Google Street View Team in Cambridge Bay
Canadian Googler Mike Pegg peddling the Google bike through Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (Google handout)

I think this is terrific. While Google has sent those little Google cars with the camera balls attached to the roof to photograph the streets capes of most of urban North America, it’s just now getting around to collecting the visual data to do Street View for Canada’s north. Google “cars” aren’t practical north of 60 where the only way you get vehicles in and out is by barge and so Google has shipped Google bikes by air equipped with the camera balls. Great idea. 

My colleague Jessica Murphy is travelling this week with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his annual tour through the Arctic. They were in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut this morning. She had this file:

“It is the furthest north we’ve travelled in Canada – and one of the most remote projects we’ve ever embarked upon,” Google publicist Aaron Brindle said.

Brindle noted the local Inuit community are helping map the streets, building, roads, rivers and lakes to the Google map of the region.


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