The attendance scorecard at Transport

Following up on this post, here’s attendance scorecard for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

For the the second session of the current Parliament — this session having begun with last October’s Speech from the Throne in October — there have been 16 meetings of the committee, during which it has considered the spending plans for both the departments of Transport and Infrastructure; reviewed Bill C-3, studies the cessation of home mail delivery by Canada Post, and reviewed the safety of Canada’s transport system, particularly with a view to the transport of oil by rail. Continue reading The attendance scorecard at Transport

Shuffling the deck at House of Commons committees

Akin at Committee
Your blogger and correspondent skulks about 253-D, one of the main committee meeting rooms in the Centre Block of the House of Commons.

I’m certain this post will be read by only the most die-hard of political geeks and, if so, welcome: You’re among friends here.

And so, for you, we present  changes adopted this week by the House of Commons to the rosters of the various standing committees of the House of Commons, recently switched up as new MPs arrived in the House courtesy of last fall’s by-elections but also because one party, the Liberals, has three of its caucus members busy trying to become the leader. The official report here and here has the changes broken down by each committee but here, in this post, I’m breaking it down by party and MP: Continue reading Shuffling the deck at House of Commons committees