Yo! You Liberal Ladies! Give us your cash and we give you JT!


The ad above is not made up. It’s lifted straight from the Liberal Party of Canada web site. It’s for a fundraiser to be held Thursday night..

Michelle Rempel is a) a woman b) a cabinet minister c) a political opponent. She saw this and tweeted:

  Those “badass” women would include Joyce Murray, who finished second to Trudeau in the recent Liberal leadership race. Or former cabinet minister Judy Sgro. Or Nobel Prize co-winner Kirsty Duncan. Here’s Rempel again:

NDP MP Meagan Leslie felt the same:


Leslie, on her Facebook page, wrote:

Organizer Amanda Alvaro was unapologetic:

Some guys didn’t see anything wrong with this:

Women on the other hand:


Last word to Minister Rempel:

17 thoughts on “Yo! You Liberal Ladies! Give us your cash and we give you JT!”

  1. Hey, when ‘dreamboy’ is the only angle you’ve got…
    In JT, the Libs’ marketing team has an astoundingly limited palette, this time around, with which to generate “buzz”.
    The psychedelic poster is a funny twist, though. I’ve grabbed a copy in case it disappears.

  2. That colourization technique has been over-done by the OBAMA team; which is where I’m sure the Liberal brainiacs got the idea.

    Fortuantely, the process of adding colour to Justin’s image is made so much easier as there is no substance in the way of the various pigments.

    1. Mr.Suzuki will be there as long as he can be escorted by a posse of young attractive women, because that is how he “rolls”….remember his “security requirements” at recent paid speeches he gave?

  3. The only thing new on that poster, is the current leader of the LPC. The rest is the tired old adage of wanting the voters to tell the party what policies they advocate. Put another way its the old liberal policy of “if you don’t like these policies tell us what policies do you want us to have”. Thats not creating policy its putting lipstick on a pig.
    Won’t matter what those attending tell Justin, they could tell him they wanted canabalism legalized, the stardard response will be that the liberal party of Justin Trudeau is all about “insert issue here”. Their unwillingness to actually have policy is their policy.
    New leader same problem, no policy.

    1. This is patronizing to me.I do not need a Prime Minister who is cute, I outgrew that teenage fantasy before I graduated from high school.I need a Prime Minister who can think for themselves and actually demonstrate the knowledge,decisiveness, values and cares of real leadership. Young Mr.Trudeau has not lived enough real life experience in my opinion to have qualifies himself as knowledgeable about the “middle”class, economic policy, or about the fact that women’s issues are the same as men’s issues.Justin cannot be a good leader because he is not prepared to discuss issues when he is asked, especially in regards to international politics, or business or economics.What’s worse, he has no policies or platform in place, and appears to making up comments”on the fly”as inspiration comes to him.Now that is scary!

  4. Also for Meghan,

    At least with Harper you can have an actual debate, because like the NDP, the Conservatives actually believe in something. What they believe is diametrically opposed to NDP ideology, but at least you know where they stand.

    The Liberals on the other hand…stand for nothing. Only power. They will do, or say anything to attain power, and once entrenched, they start lining their pockets.

    I’m not worried about Justin being an airhead…even the folks who picked him as their leader know he’s a duffus. It is the people pulling the puppet’s strings I worry about. Justin hasn’t mentioned any policy beyond pot for a very simple reason. He hasn’t been taught what he is supposed to believe in yet.

  5. Michelle, just sour grapes on your part, maybe you should go, and
    learn something new. Don,t be so negative, it,s for the women that
    what to hear him.

    1. Larry,

      The women didn’t want to HEAR anything Justin had to say….look at the poster. It is clear they wanted to SEE and TOUCH him.

      they could have gone to a pet store and stroked a puppy for a lot less that $250 bucks.

      Of course, the puppy would have offered more in the way of intellectual responses than did Justin(e)

  6. What David? You missed the Liberal Conventions where the ladies go off and look at reports printed in pink with roses on the cover? The Ladies Auxillary is nothing new in the Liberal Party. It’s called the Liberal Women’s Commission. It’s where they send women to get out all that hysterical energy behind their silly old political ambitions. Same old, same old from the LPC.

  7. Wow… whomever’s ideas this gimic was should be fired. Way to totally lose all credibility. I have heard JT speak before and found him to be intelligent and well rounded. To prostitute him in this way is demeaning to both himself and women everywhere. It appears that someone is taking a page from the american’s book, whereby our political members have celebrity status. I am not looking for eye candy. I want a leader who has wrinkles on his forhead from hours of pouring over the state of the country, and of an age and work background that shows he has seen first hand, and learned from, the great and unfortunate choices of the past. Who would ever vote for a potential future leader who is presented in this way? It screams that all he has going for him is his dad’s name and his looks. And BTW, as a woman, I have the same concerns as every other man and woman out there. Please don’t single us out as the poor underprivliged, because most of us self respecting women do not see ourselves that way. According to this, apparently they do. Way to alienate half the population!

    1. I have wrinkles on my forehead, if that’s what you’re lookin’ for. Mind you, I also have a giant potbelly, so …..

  8. well if this is the best the Liberals have this country going to the dogs with Justin Trudeau at the helm. However the backroom boy’s are all money crazy and airheads to think the name Trudeau will land the PM”s job alone. These Liberals are just that liberal in everything the wind blows at them or whatever sounds good they will go along with. Lack of real leadership with these Liberals…….

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