Liberal Leadership Debate in Vancouver

A picture of Liberal Leadership Candidate Justin Trudeau posted by his campaign manager, Gerry Butts, on Instagram with the caption “I’ve seen a lot of debate prep in my life but [Trudeau’s] method is something new.”
The Liberal Party of Canada held its first debate of the campaign to pick a new leader for that party in Vancouver on Sunday afternoon. And naturally we have a poll here to ask you who you think won the debate. You may select more than one answer in our completely unscientific measurement here. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Liberal Leadership Debate in Vancouver”

  1. I feel so sorry for Justin Trudeau.

    Sadly the BC Liberal Party has been totally torpedoed by the last fool that was ‘elected’ into the BC offices. Gord Campbell was, in fact, a CONSERVATIVE in nature and had NO PLACE to be within the ranks of any liberal organization. It’s been my opinion that his ONLY AIM there was to KILL any hope of the Liberals ever surviving within the BC electorial arenas.

    This makes only 2 other valid choices. As the conservative party is committing electorial suicide world-wide there is no danger from them ever winning (especially with BC’s borders!)

    So two choices left, the NDP or the Socreds… (and we all recall Van der Zalm’s major contributions to the financial fall of BC)

    All I can say now is good luck Mr Trudeau. You are going to need it.

  2. @foxxe

    Christy Clark is *not* a Liberal, and I say this from Ontario. Surely the BC electorate is sophisticated enough to figure out there is a vast difference between the Federal Liberal Party and what currently passes for the Provincial Liberal Party in British Columbia?!

  3. You two loonies should get with the 90’s at least as we are talking feds not the fake bc liberals

    My word what silliness

    All I ask is this photo shop or would some campaign manager actually be this stupid to put out something so over the top ?

    It makes trudeau look idiotic and like they dont have a clue what they are doing


  4. What exactly is the difference between the BC Libs and Federal Libs? People say this all the time, but I don’t see much difference in their rhetoric.

  5. Mr. Trudeau the boxing thing is getting old !! , time to grow up !
    This country needs a leader , not a child playing games and pretending he is his father.

    We need someone old enough to know better , put aside old school attitutes and see the potential that is Canada . Our leader needs to work for all classes not just the one you have grown up in.

    You sir, are representive of that old school , its time this party moved forward and select a leader for all the people.

    Justin Trudeau represents what was wrong with the old Liberal Party , not the changes needed to offer a true alternative for the future of this, once great party and all Canadians

  6. Shane Sinclair is not a Fed Liberal if he knows what was the rights and wrongs of the party. It has been the leading party for most of the 20th century and has now dropped to third place for the passed few years & that was not by Trudeau to be fair, we all know the talking heads running the show at the time. My buddy Chretien dropped the Cons to 2 seats when he took over the Libs, the Libs have more seats than that and are coming up.

    Vic Westcoast

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