Missouri Republican Williams wants Ignatieff "guarding our northern flank"


Yancy Williams (left), is a thirty-something Republican from Jefferson City, Missouri who worked on Rudy Giuliani's presidential run in 2008, collects a paycheque for a Republican senator from Missouri, and has recently volunteered to be his state's chairman for Republicans For Ignatieff. As in Michael Ignatieff. Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

” I want that guy guarding American’s northern flank,” Williams told me in a telephone interview last week. “I think he’s spent enough time in the U.S. that he’s got a firm understanding of Americans, American policy and I’m comfortable with that.”

Williams is perfectly aware that the guy who is prime minister right now, Stephen Harper, leads a party called the Conservative Party of Canada.

“I have no particular criticism of your current prime minister. I just don’t feel that he has the tie to the United States that Ignatieff has. Ignatieff lived here. From what I’ve seen — I don’t know that he considers it his home but he certainly considered himself one of us while he was here. He spoke very fondly of us, defended our actions when we were defending ourselves,” Williams said.

Of course, that last quote from Williams dovetails nicely with one of the attack lines of Canada's Conservatives: That Iggy is “Just Visiting” and that he really wishes he lived somewhere other than Canada.

That meme or talking point repeated by Williams is one reason why many in Ottawa — reporters, Conservatives, Liberals, and others — thought that RepublicansForIgnatieff.com was, in fact, just a spoof site set up by one Iggy's Canadian political opponents. It may yet be. Williams has no idea who “The Colonel” is behind the site but, when he first ran across the site in early August, it felt legit to him and so, after reading up a bit on Ignatieff's positions, he signed on with the goal of helping a Canadian liberal, Michael Ignatieff, become the next Prime Minister of Canada. So if it is a spoof then the joke's on me and, it appears, on Williams.

“I have to admit, I was not fully educated on your [electoral] race,” Williams said. “But I signed up. And I got an e-mail back. They asked a little bit about me. I said, I work in politics. I’m a Republican. What do you need? And they said, “We’re not 100 per cent sure, right now but go try to talk to others and see what sort of support you can find and that’s what I did.”

For Williams, Iggy is the right man to lead Canada because of his views on North American security and on energy security:

“I mean this with no offence to any Canadian because I understand we are wonderful partners,” Williams said. “[But] when we were attacked on Sept. 11, it changed us in an unbelieveable way. We now look at the world differently and every person has to meet the standard: Are you going to be able to protect us? And I think [Ignatieff] does.

“Secondly, I come from a family who’s in the gas and oil business and the tar sands are a huge issue with me. There is a pipeline that is going to run from Hardisty, Alberta to Wood River, Illinois, and that will run straight through the state of Missouri. It will come within a few miles of my home. It’s not yet complete but it will be soon. That is jobs for folks in Missouri. It has Missouri businesses involved. The tar sands are the second largest oil reserve in the world and they happen to be on our continent. When you combine them and ANWAR, we have the ability to seek true energy independence from the Middle East.

“When Sarah Palin came out and said, drill, baby, drill, it hit a nerve with folks here. It really caught on. If we can get the Canadian version which is “Drill, Iggy, Drill”, or whatever you want to say, we need to utilize that source not only for our energy needs but for our national security needs. I think [Ignatieff] is well-suited to run the Canadian government.

10 thoughts on “Missouri Republican Williams wants Ignatieff "guarding our northern flank"”

  1. Goes to show Iggy's credentials as a true American patriot. Not exactly what I want running Canada….no thank you!

  2. So you're saying you don't want a Prime Minister who understands Americans in a way that would benefit Canadian interests?

  3. I'm saying I want a Prime Minister who understands and puts Canada first. I don't feel like I can get that from Ignatieff. He puts himself first.

  4. Shows nothing – except that the Cons and Republicans work together in trash campaigns and this guy is part of the team.
    Pretty pathetic isn't it?
    He worked for Guiliani……..all the more reason to not give this guy any credit.

  5. Rudy Giuliani is just another Bush puppet. Just like Williams. Just like Harper. Just like Ignatieff. Time to wake up.

  6. If Ignatieff and the Liberals are the party that will promote development of the oil sands, why is there no Liberal elected in Alberta? Also, it was the Liberal party in the 1980s that restricted exports of oil and gas out of Canada. If energy policy is important to you Yancy, you need to do a little more research before you throw your support behind the Liberal Party and Ignatieff.

  7. Iggy and Iggy alone made the many, many, many comments in recent years about his over-whelming love of the USA. Iggy has also trashed Canada in recent years, and I quote: “Canada is a failed nation”. Of course this was BEFORE he got his liberal safe riding and decided that he would grace us with his leadership. I think the man is surprised we didn't simply 'appoint him our Prime Minister'. He openly supported ALL of G.W.'s policy for the last 8 years.
    I can fully understand why US citizens would think Iggy is here for their sake and to protect American interests.

  8. Liberals should rightfully be squirming in their seats with their disconnect about Ignattief´s well publicized verbal forays while living outside Canada for most of the last 30 years. Liberals foolishly accepted the power grab by backroom old school elite Liberals to allow Ignattief to become their leader without a vote, bulldozing over the other leadership candidates who had gained far more votes at the convention. Careful what you wish for. The Liberals at their own peril, ignored the opportunity while in opposition to dramatically renew the party and their policies, expecting instead to have Ignatieff anointed as Prime Minister to restore the Liberals to resume their decades over decades control of the Canadian treasury and electorate. Careful what you wish for.

  9. Hey, Mr. Missouri,
    Let me give it straight to you from Alberta: You are smoking whacky weed if you think Iggy is going to protect the Tar Sands.
    WHAT are you reading?

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