Former Tory MP says his party is anti-democratic

Robert Sopuck was elected the member of Parliament for the Manitoba riding of Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette in a by-election last fall after long-time MP Inky Mark decided to resign his sieat and run (unsuccessfully) for the job of mayor in Dauphin.

Mark (left), though, appears to be enjoying his freedom from the communications straightjacket he was forced to wear while he was an MP. The following letter, which Mark sent to several Manitoba newspapers, is the latest example of this former MP speaking his mind:

March 13th, 2011

Dear Editor:

Re: No Democracy in Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette

The Conservative Party nomination process again is a sham.  There was no real open nomination  to elect a real representative for the membership in the riding. For the second time Bob Sopuck has avoided an open and fair nomination process. Bob Sopuck  has been appointed again by Stephen Harper Party and Don Plett [Plett is the former party president, a Manitoban, and was recently appointed to the Senate by Harper – Akin]  to represent the party in the next general election. Brian Chita, current president of the riding is only  a rubber stamp for the party .  When will the 700 members of the Conservative Party  in the riding get to choose their own representative? One must ask the question: What value is there having a membership in a party that doesn’t respects it’s membership?  This lack of democracy at the local level is wrong.  It has taken western society 700 years to take the power away from the crown and put it in the hands of the commoner.  Today we have a system where the MP is appointed by the leader of the party, not the members of the party. Our young men and women are sacrificing their lives in the name of democracy around the world. Stephen Harper and Don Plett, in stead of paying lip service to democracy, it s time to give the membership in Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette the right to an open and fair nomination.

Yours sincerely,

Inky Mark, MP(ret.)

18 thoughts on “Former Tory MP says his party is anti-democratic”

  1. The credibility of insiders is beyond reproach. It is disturbing to learn that the majority of Canadans share Inky's views, and did not do anything about it in the previous election.
    I hope the coming federal election will rid the people of the Neo-Conservatives by voting against Harper's party.
    Chris in Ottawa.

  2. Gee Inky, at least the CPC elects our leader, not appoint them!
    Always under the threat of election, incumbent CPC MPs were given a pass too.
    Mr Sopuck sounds like a good catch for the CPC:
    Conservative Bob Sopuck winning 56.7% of the vote and easily defeating second-place NDP candidate Denise Harder, 26.3%.
    Sopuck is a former fisheries biologist , served as Gary Filmon’s enviro adviser for eight years. ……
    and it goes on. (hunting columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press)

  3. Then surely he would win an open, free, fair and *gasp* democratic nomination process, right?
    I don't know whether Mark still holds his membership card, but I've cut mine up – campaigned hard in two elections, was successful in getting Conservatives elected in both (in ridings that were considered doubtful). Then became disgusted with how the big fish run things.
    I may even still vote Conservative, because many of their candidates are good people, but I certainly won't be volunteering any more time – not for some time to come.

  4. Harper's “autocracy” (your term, not mine) is a far sight better than the destruction and ruin the alternative – the Liberals – has caused in the past, and will cause again if they are EVER re-eleted to government. I'm frightened of what would happen with another Liberal government, and you should be too.

  5. These comments only go half-way. Why should conservative voters have to pay to vote in a nomination? Who made 700 paying members of the party the rightful voice of the tens of thousands who consider themselves conservative voters in the riding? Now that would be democracy. Why shouldn't the general public be able to vote in nominations without having to join a party.

  6. I wonder if Mr. Mark regrets drinking the blue kool-aid like I do. I was at the convention where Mr. Mark joined the Progressive Conservative Party. If we were smart, we would have listened to Joe Clark's warnings, continued to rebuild our party, and have nothing to do with Mr. Harper and his band of zealot “Reformers” Unfortunately I sacrificed my principles on the altar of political expediency. I blame myself, but I also blame the likes of Peter MacKay, Loyola Hearn, and yes, Mr. Mark….all members of the Progressive Conservative Party I had a great deal of respect for. Mr Mark, like myself, has now seen Reforms true colours.
    Lets hope the Canadian electorate does as well come the general election. Mr. Harper has become nothing but a dictator, and Lord help us all if the “Harper” govt achieves a majority.
    Patrick Hamilton
    Frmr Conservative Party Member(in recovery)
    Frmr Sec. Pitt-Meadows-Maple-Ridge-Mission
    Conservative EDA

  7. What I would expect as a typical response from your average Reform neandertal…..Don Pletts an overbearing egotist, along with Mr. Harper…..both bullies, imho….

  8. Think about why it is that way ? MSM continuously looking for anything to get their beloved Libs back into the gravy train. The PM has no choice but to control closely or someone somewhere will be taken out of context or a lie manufactured and every waking minute will be spent defending something irrelevant. This has been going on since the PM ended the hallway media scrums and took away the Parliamentary reporters ability to jam a microphone in a ministers face looking for a quick soundbyte. Don't fall into the trap of letting the media and others do the work for the left .

  9. SH is the best PM in the last 100 years ! Joe Clark ?? What a joke, because he couldn't count we got NEP and another term of Trudeau who managed to pretty much finsh his lifework of making the country a welfare state and guaranteed Liberal entitilements to the good old boys , Montreal and Bay Street.

  10. Truth hurts eh, anonymous?…..when a Reform is faced with the truth, they simply resort to ad hominem attacks….typical of your ilk…..

  11. PS Anonymous, I have indeed ripped up the old resume, and rue the day I had anything to do with your party….I now spend my time urgoing everyone to vote for any party but the Harperites….Bon Apetit!

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