The things politicians say to kids about drugs …

James O’Connor is a journalist, the managing editor of the Brandon Sun newspaper.  As you can see from the picture above, he was in the room when Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau visited a school earlier this week.

The kids were curious about Trudeau’s stand on pot. One of them asked him about it.

I suspect you will not be surprised to learn that Justice Minister Peter MacKay thought this unwise:

“Justin Trudeau’s comments to elementary school children regarding the legalization of marijuana is not only bad policy, but is completely unacceptable and grossly inappropriate. He’s directly delivering a message to children now that recreational drug use is okay.  These drugs are illegal because of the dangerous effects they have on users and on society. We need to protect our children, not introduce them to harm. ”

To which Trudeau responded:

“A remarkable thing happened yesterday when I answered a question from a student from the Sioux Valley High School. The students in the room applauded a politician with a message to stay off drugs, and that the current system is not doing enough to keep it out of the hands of kids. That the Conservatives would put out a statement condemning the courage shown by those students is shameful. Peter MacKay should retract his statement.”

And I doubt that’s the last we’ll hear about “the things politicians say to kids about drugs ….”



One thought on “The things politicians say to kids about drugs …”

  1. Additionally interesting is the things politicians DO NOT say to kids about drugs. Specifically Peter MacKay’s virtual silence on the Rob Ford fiasco.

    Remember, kids. Drugs are always bad and anyone who uses them is a horrible person and terrible role model… as long as that person isn’t a Conservative. If they are, then drugs are just a thing that some adults do in their private lives and they should “get help” if it gets out of control. No big deal.

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