The Duffy Documents

Duffy Speech Oct 28 (Check against delivery and against Hansard tomorrow)

Tabled in the Senate by Senator Michael Duffy after his remarks there this afternoon to support his claims there were two cheques given to him in his expense scandal coverup and that a senior PMO official told him to lie.

The Duffy Documents

2 thoughts on “The Duffy Documents”

  1. All three of these Senators at the very least, bent the rules for finacial gain,(and in the eyes of most of the public, pure greed) at the expense of our tax dollar. The Senate as a whole reviewed the claims and agreed on this and sent the file off to the R.C.M.P. for investigation of possible Criminal Charges.

    The Senate has now had hearings into the allegations in which all three Senators have had a chance to say what they wanted in thair defence. This is a process, I dare say due process and a lot more than would happen in private practice. Surely the Senate can now decide what is appropriate in order to deal with them, which by the way, the three Senators brought on by themselves.

    Now for Mike Duffy to stand up and proudly announce that the Conservative Party gave him two cheques, the second to cover his legal expenses and as a result they, the Party, has lost it’s moral compass is just hipocracy. After all he accepted the cheques without any fuss. If in his mind he had done nothing wrong he could have refused to accept the cheques and fought any future proceedings on the high ground.

    To say the least the words ” Honorable Senator” are only an expression of office and not necessarily of character.

    1. I for one, do not care if a Political Party pays some one. That’s their business, ie when Liberal party pays a leader to step aside before their mandate is up.

      I look mainly at Duffy. In fact, common sense says it’s all Duffy. Cheats, some in the party help. They give him money, and now his claim is that it’s bad that they wanted him to pay it back. This is how screwed up our modern society is. Totally confused on right and wrong. Sorry, All the blame is on Duffy. What a screw ball. But common sense and reason will be lost on the MTV generation. They will keep listening stupid reasoning all they want.

      I say, YES, Pay Back the money. That should be as a min. The more he claims he has emails from PM office wanting him to pay it back, the prouder I am of Harper. All the silliness of did he know or not, doesn’t matter, I agree, Mike PAY IT BACK.

      Word of advise to all Canadians. DON’T LOAN OR GIVE ANY MONEY TO MIKE DUFFY – EVER. He’ll think your evil if you ask to have the loan paid back. What a hack.

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