Pollster Coletto, Liberal partisan Kinsella on Trudeau as saviour of the Liberal Party

The CEO of polling firm Abacus Data, David Coletto, reports that the Liberal Party of Canada would be tied in popularity (this week at least) with the Conservatives and the NDP would be well back in third place if Justin Trudeau were the party’s leader. I put it to Trudeau fan Warren Kinsella that this may be the last thing Liberals should be told, that somewhere out there there is a messiah who can lead Liberals back to the promised land after a decade of decline at the polls:



3 thoughts on “Pollster Coletto, Liberal partisan Kinsella on Trudeau as saviour of the Liberal Party”

  1. That’s it? that’s all you got David?
    Come on challenge Warren with some substance not this crap, I personally think that if Justin wants to run he would in fact be the Man that could quite possibly lead the Party back to greatness and he certainly is the Leader that Harper and The Reform/alliance/Conservative party fears the most.

  2. I can’t imagine how the Liberal Party executive could allow themselves to
    appear to be so hollow as to hang their whole partys future on name recognition alone. I can’t recall any extraordinary legislative coups or oratory that would make the Junior Mr. Trudeau stand out on his own merits.
    What happens if he doesn’t shine at election time? what then?

  3. After giants like Dion & Ignatieff have reduced the party to its lowest levels what do the Liberals really have to lose.

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