Political twits react to byelection wins

A sampling of the reaction on Twitter to tonight's byelection wins. Your new MPs are Conservatives Scott Armstrong in Nova Scotia and Bernard Genereux in Quebec; New Democrat Finn Donnelly in New Westminster, B.C., and Pequiste Daniel Paille in Hochelaga:

Siksay: “…congratulations Fin Donnelly, NDP Member of Parliament, New Westminster-Coquitlam http://bit.ly/4ndBN”

PaulCalandra “Congratulations to newly elected MP's!”

mpjamesmoore: “Very excited to have 2 new Conservative MPs. Congratulations to Fin Donnelly on a successful campaign. See you on a flight soon Fin!”

Martin_Dumont: “tres content des résultats a Rivière-du-Loup et en NE!!!”

brownbarrie: “glad Conservative Government has two new members. congrats to teams in Montmagny and Cumberland Colchester”

KeviNDP: “A solid night for the New Democrats: Strong hold on #NWCO and 2nd place showings in Nova Scotia and Montreal. Awesome!”

oliviachow: “Congratulations to new NDP MP Fin Donnelly – 51.1% in 50 polls #NWOC #cdnpoli”

KeviNDP: “#HOCH: 5% of the vote “Team Dion” got just walked from “Team Ignatieff' to the New Democrats … on the island of Montreal. #ndp”

rodbruinooge: “Congrats to the crew in Montmagny!”

liberalrocco: “@stephen_taylor If trend holds #MKR will elect pro-Kyoto progressive Conservative trapped in a Conservative frame. Wonder how long? #cdnpoli”

Paying attention to other things, we have:

Carolyn_Bennett: “Do we need greatness in politics ????? Terrific show tonight on www.tvo.org ….Wallen Newell, Janice Stein, Jeffrey Simpson, Andrew Coyne..”

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