Meanwhile: The inevitable Facebook Groups

Ok you Facebookers — send 'em in and I'll post 'em here:

  • I'm against the Liberal coup d'état : Description: The Liberals are trying to steal the government after losing the election. Canadians didn't vote for a Liberal or NDP or Bloc government. If they are going to defeat the Tories, Canadians must have their say on who forms the next government. Not backroom Liberal and NDP insiders. Creator: Mark Bullard: Creator
  • Canadians for a Progressive Coalition: Description: Canadians for a Progressive Coalition are asking the NDP, Liberals, and Bloc Quebecois to form a coalition government that includes counsel from the Greens. Creator: Jamie Biggar (Former Toronto Centre Conservative candidate Mark Warner is a member of this group.)
  • I Support Public Campaign Financing: Description: The Conservatives are cutting the funding from which they benefit least in relative terms, while leaving alone that which they benefit from most. They are making one more attempt to disable democracy in this country. Creator: Devin Johnston
  • Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Liberal-NDP Coalition : Description: Santa, this year, instead of some overpriced consumer items my parents can't afford, or another long $300 million election, all I want for Christmas is a Liberal-NDP Coalition Government. Then maybe we can have a happy new year! Creator: Michael Creighton
  • For a coalition government in Canada/Quebec to save the climate and economy Description: We call on the NDP, Liberal Party and Bloc Quebecois to form a coalition government. The majority of voters in the 2008 federal election clearly want action on those issues and reject the Conservative Party. The three opposition parties can come together with a program to fight global warming and deal with the economic crisis. We call on them to do this. Creator: Arleigh Crawford

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7 thoughts on “Meanwhile: The inevitable Facebook Groups”

  1. The “I support public campaign financing group” isn't involved in the coalition debate. That group is solely focused on the (now abandoned) proposed financing change. This group, while largely composed of NDP and Liberal supporters, also had many conservatives (big and little C) who supported the current financing system our country uses that reduces the influence of corporate and large donors.
    In fact the creator of the group has explicitly stated that the group took no position on the coalition. As well he provided a variety of links to both the pro and anti groups and directed any debate about those to more appropriate venues.

  2. In relation to my previous comment here is the list of pro and anti coalition facebook groups sent out by the creator of the “I support public campaign financing” group.
    Canadians For a Liberal-NDP Coalition – 1,866 members
    Canadians for a Progressive Coalition – Coalition Progressiste Canadienne – 8,913 members
    Canadians United Against Stephen Harper – 18,008 members
    Fire Stephen Harper Now! Support the coalition government – 2,272 members
    For a Coalition Governement in Canada/ Pour un Gouvernement de Coalition – 2,846 members
    Make Parliament Work: Coalition government now! – 1,106 members
    I'm in favour of the Liberal/NDP Coalition Government – 2,041 members
    I’m part of the 62% majority – 303 members
    Stephen Harper's Last Day as Prime Minister (EVENT) – 11,650 confirmed guests
    Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't – 41,183 members

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