McIver to PC Party of Alberta: Ban membership giveaways


Alberta MLA Ric McIver (above), a candidate to be leader of his party, writes to his party’s president to urge him to ban free giveaways of party membership by other leadership campaigns. So far as we know, only the campaign of Jim Prentice has been covering the $10 cost of party memberships for those who will sign up to vote for Prentice. Here’s the letter:

McIver's letter to Party Prez – Ban Membership giveaways

2 thoughts on “McIver to PC Party of Alberta: Ban membership giveaways”

  1. I bought my membership through you Ric McIver and paid for it. I do not believe you get true conservatives by giving the membership free. Now the problem. I paid for my membership using a credit card and checked the billing through that card and saw I was charged. I still do not have my membership card and it is getting close to the vote. I’m sure without that card I will be turned away at the polls. Where is my card?


  2. Robert, you foolish person. This is the Alberta PC’s you are dealing with. They are experts at making other peoples money disappear. No point in trying to find out where you should vote, as your membership money is long gone.

    Giving PC memberships away for free means they are worth every penny.

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