Liberals hope Peter MacKay is money in the bank

Arriving this afternoon in the digital inboxes of members of the Liberal Party of Canada is this fundraising pitch:


9 thoughts on “Liberals hope Peter MacKay is money in the bank”

  1. Our family takes a much braioder view of the mess we have in Canada called the MEDIA.
    That includes
    Why? Simply because the truth does not matter anymore.
    Only the media spin matters. News today is manipulated and agenda driven especially to distort anything that Conservatives say. For example We read Peter MacKays transcript obtained from Nova Scotia. It does not compare one bit to what perverted analysts so called in our sad world in TRonna called journalism. No wonder papers are going out of business.
    We don’t watch idiotic programs like Power and Politics where armchair “experts” (lol) give opinions on places and issues they have never researched. Utterly pathetic. Taxpayers paid CBC lacks any real awareness of Canada and its issues. The SIMPSONS are a more intellectual program.
    And yes I have an advanced degree but that’s immaterial.

    1. Your advanced degree doesn’t seem to allow for much critical thinking if you believe that only CPC comments are misrepresented. Also, I too would love to see this transcript from Nova Scotia that no one else has been able to see. Peter McKay is his own worse enemy, and no one needs to twist his words… as is the case with several others of these victim playing Conservatives.

  2. The funny thing is that some people will be foolish to believe those out-of-context snippets that were actually from written remarks prepared by a female staffer.

      1. If the Conservatives can take Justin Trudeau’s comments out of context and use them in attack/fund raising ads, the Liberals should be able to do the same against the Conservatives.

        1. Robert … Justin Trudeau makes enough harebrained comments on his own , nothing additional is required

          I am quite satisfied how Prime Minister Harper has run the country , can you imagine the mess we would be in if Stephan Dionne had been elected and implemented his Green Shitft plan ? … what a mess we would have today.

          Speaking of the Global warming propaganda …. it is July 2nd , has the ice melted from the great lakes yet ? A few weeks ago it still cluttered some beach fronts

    1. If you reread, you will find that it specifically says “Liberal women have a message”. This was a Liberal effort, directed to Liberal members & supporters. So, I echo David Akin’s comment…”You were expecting…?”

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