Khadr's legal team comes under scrutiny


Now this is weird. Award-winning, all-star reporter MIchelle Shephard reports that Omar Khadr's legal team is, all of a sudden, in turmoil. Shephard, who literally wrote the book on Khadr, has a file in The Star on this. I've been to Guantanamo all of once for a Khadr trial event but, even then, it was clear there was a weird vibe among Khadr's legal team. Having had the chance to chat informally with MIchelle about the Khadr trial, I very much get the sense reading this report that there is much more to this than she is able to report at this point. I'd say, stay tuned:

U.S. Navy Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler, one of Khadr's military-appointed lawyers, said Tuesday that his supervisor had now barred him from visiting Khadr. In an emailed press release to reporters, Kuebler accused Guantanamo's Chief Defence lawyer, Col. Peter Masciola, of “ethical” violations.

“Kuebler has raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest driving Col. Masciola's management decisions on several occasions over the past few weeks, prompting Col. Masciola to express concerns about Lt-Cmdr. Kuebler's 'management' of the Khadr defence team last week,” Kuebler wrote. [Read the whole story]

One thought on “Khadr's legal team comes under scrutiny”

  1. “there was a weird vibe”
    Gee, could you be any more subjective?
    Omar Khadr isn't coming back to Canada. Whether he is innocent or guilty of the charges against him – it doesn't matter. What matters is that Omar Khadr has no luck at all. Anyone who thinks 'luck' is just an abstract concept, with no reality in the world of spirit, should take a good look at Omar's history.

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