Harper for Anders in Calgary Signal Hill

Conservative MP Rob Anders is facing a tough nomination challenge from former provincial MLA Ron Liepert. Anders currently represents the federal riding of Calgary West while Liepert, until 2012 represented the same riding in the Alberta legislature. Both men want to be the federal Conservative candidate in the 2015 general election in the new riding of Calgary Signal Hill.  Today, Anders (in conversation above with me on January 7) released a statement showing that his party’s leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, backs him. Note also in this release, that Anders tries to use Alison Redford’s unpopularity as an anchor that he hopes will sink Liepert:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper endorsed MP Rob Anders, today, for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for Calgary Signal Hill.

Prime Minister Harper said:

“Rob Anders has been a strong voice in our Caucus and Conservative Government as well as a valued member of our team. The Road to 2015 is one that needs strong, stable leadership and I’ve been able to count on Rob to get real results for his riding and our country.”

“The people of Canada and Prime Minister Harper need a Member of Parliament who will work with the Prime Minister and the Conservative Caucus to fight to keep taxes low for hard-working families and to make our streets safe,” said former Canadian Tax Payers Federation President and MP John Williamson.

“Prime Minister Harper knows that I will always fight against tax-and-spend liberals like Ron Liepert and his good friend, Alison Redford.” said MP Rob Anders.

Since first forming government in 2006, Rob Anders has voted for over 160 tax cuts, including lowering the GST from 7% to 6% to 5%. But when he was Alison Redford’s Finance Minister, Ron Liepert talked about introducing a provincial sales tax in Alberta, increasing the gasoline tax, and he told the Canadian Press, “I will not rule out tax increases” (CTV News, April 17, 2009).

“Harper Conservatives in Calgary Signal Hill have a clear choice. They can choose a valued member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Caucus who fights to cut taxes for Canadian families, or they can choose Alison Redford’s former campaign manager and best tax-and-spend friend, Ron Liepert.”

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