Green Shift? Hell no!


Just ran across this chart (tip of the toque to those worthwhile blogging economists) which seemed so remarkable I thought it worth sharing:

The Economist has a piece out this week that looks at taxes on gasoline across all 25 or so OECD countries and, after adjusting for inflation, exchange rates, etc., compares gas taxes in 1998 versus gas taxes this year. Guess what? Canada and Australia are the only two OECD countries whose gas tax is less now than it was in 1998!

Not only that, but Canada's gas tax is the second lowest (at about 13 euro cents a litre) in the OECD. The U.S. tax rate is lowest at about 8 euro cents and Turkey's is off the charts at 70+ euro cents a litre.

Just thought you'd all like to know …

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