Coming soon to your TV: A new ad from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals

It won’t make it to TV screens until later this month but this TV ad posted online today by the federal Liberals and spun by a “senior Liberal” as an attempt at “contrasting Trudeau” with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and not as a response to Conservative ads and frequent Conservative member’s statements in the House of Commons in which Trudeau is derided as “in over his head.”

What do you think of this ad?

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3 thoughts on “Coming soon to your TV: A new ad from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals”

  1. Very sad loss of a moderate Native Leader who could have improved his First Nations Educational Program but regrettably was backstabbed by saboteurs like Palmeter.
    Now the entire program is on hold and the extremists will have THEIR DAY but nothing will proceed except NOISE.
    Asking for more money when boondoggles like Attawapiskat Band Manager is uinder indictment for fraud says it all. Shouting for more money is farcical. Its TAXPAYERS money. Theres NO free lunch. Shameful to lose Shawn Atleo.

  2. O/T, comment on the new look of your blog:
    The new format, with all the social media listed on the left-hand side hiding part of the post, makes it difficult for readers.

  3. I find it offensive that the Liberals use this much marketing. Rather than get down to it, we are bombarded with this junk. How shallow has the Canadian electorate become anyway when we are expected to fawn over the latest rock star?
    If Trudeau is so brilliant would we not have noticed before he was anointed leader? Give me a break.

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